In 2002, the group of chemical scientists and engineers produced the first batch (200 kg) of rPET resin using PET-M Technological Process in Prague, Czech Republic. Shortly after that, the first bottle made of 100% rPET was stretched and blown, thus completing “botlle-to-bottle” transformation. By 2005, the plant in Czech Republic is transformed from a small pilot plant into a modern production facility utilizing “state-of-the-art” technologies such as underwater pelletizing, in-line crystallization, etc. The plant capacity is increased from 400 kg/h to 700 kg/h. PTP Group became the 3rd largest pre-form producer in Czech Republic selling pre-forms with up to 100% content of recycled PET resin.

In 2006-2007 PET-M Technology successfully passed the first surrogate contamination challenge test. The results allowed PET-M Technology to receive the food safety approval from the Czech Ministry of Health. rPET resin was tested for migration and recyclability. The material was granted the Food Contact Notification (FCN) by the US FDA.

Since 2007, both PET-M technology and rPET material has gained recognition among active rPET users, including major multinational companies. Due to the increased recognition and adoption of rPET produced by PTP Group, the company has been able to concentrate on resin production only.

Today, PTP Group Ltd. is an established technology developer and recycler. It owns the largest PET recycling company in Czech Republic with over 25 000 tons of high quality recycled PET products a year (combined flakes and rPET resin).

The first licensee using PET-M Technology under the license from PTP Group in Western Hemisphere has been successfully operating since August of 2012 by VERDECO Recycling Inc. (California)